II Swimming Marathon "St. Vlas" 2019 - 08 august - 09:00

Swimming Marathon


for holding a swimming marathon “St. Vlas” – August 18, 2019, Sunday
Coordinates: 42 ° 42.339 N – 027 ° 45.948 F.


City Hall Sveti Vlas
“Dinevi Group”
Marina “Dinevi”
“Finnis” – Bulgaria


In the swimming marathon in the town of Sveti Vlas – marina Dinevi, can participate citizens and guests of the town of Sveti Vlas from the country and abroad.

For those wishing to participate, it is necessary:
Have undergone a mandatory medical check up to three days before the event or 1 hour before the start.
To sign a declaration that they are able to navigate independently of the distance determined by the organizers for persons under 18 years of age to be signed by a parent.


Swimming marathon at “Sveti Vlas” – will be held on 18 August (sun), start at the beach east of Marina Dinevi (central rescue post). All those wishing to take part in the marathon must be on August 18 at 9.00.Participants need to wear suitable bags for storing personal belongings.
Important! Registration will last from 9.00 to 9.45 for the athletes swimming distance of 1000 meters. Registration for the distance of 2000 meters will continue until 10.30.
Instruction will be held at 9.45 for all participants. For registration, there will be three points – adolescents and girls (14-16 years old), men and women.


Participation is individual. The distance can be swim with a freely chosen style. The use of flippers, outside assistance and other means is not allowed. The start will be given at 10.15 hrs for participants at a distance of 1000 m and 11.00 hrs for the participants at a distance of 2000 m, with competitors being ordered in a row in the water, equally distant from the shore. The competitors swim to the final on their own. Judges of the boats correct participants in the case of larger deviations from the route.
For participants who have completed the route, are all arrived at the finish until 45 minutes after the first arrived.All other athletes must stop swimming and, without protest, board the accompanying craft.During swimming, it is not allowed – the receipt of any food, drink, medication, etc. funds from outsiders.
Competitors who need medical or other assistance, or who wish to stop swimming, must necessarily give a repeated movement with a stretched hand to the left and right.
Each participant, swim the distance, gets a free sandwich and mineral water at the finish.
In case of inappropriate weather conditions, the organizers reserve the right to postpone the event.

Age groups:
14-16 juniors boys and girls – swim 1000m
17-29 men and women – swim 2000 m
30-39 men and women – swim 2000 m
40 – 49 men and women – swim 2000 m
50 – 59 men and women – swim 2000 m
60+ men and women – swim 2000 m.

Swimmers in age group – 14-16 years who want to participate in the competition for the Cup “Saint Vlas” mandatory swim 2000 meters, with record participation for men and women.
Swimmers of 1000 meters do not take part in the medal ranking.


Ranking is up to third place by age group. The winners of the “Sveti Vlas” swimming marathon will be the competitor, whether the best result of the distance of 2000 meters, regardless of their age group.
Participation in the standings for the Sveti Vlas Cup can also be taken by participants from the small age groups if they take part in the distance of 2000 meters, observing the conditions of section І. CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION. Each competitor swims only one distance.
Winners in each age category receive medals. The winning male and female at a distance of 2000 meters receive cups.
All swam the distance at the appointed time receive a sandwich and mineral water, a certificate of successful swim, a swimming hat and a keychain.


On the day of the marathon at the gathering point – town of Sveti Vlas-marina “Dinevi” – East Beach, each registered participant must carry the following documents: identity card, declaration according to a form signed personally by the participant and for persons under 18 also signed by a parent, and a pre-competitive medical examination certificate.
The participants agree that their data will be collected and processed in connection with the conduct of the “St. Vlas” swimming marathon. Data will not be used for other purposes.
The marathon is completely free.

9.00 am – Start of registration
9.45 – Instruction
10.15 – Start of the distance 1000 m
11.00 – Start of distance 2000 m
13:00 – Awarding Ceremony

Good luck to all!