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Bulgaria is proud of such persons! Happy celebration and longevity !

Asen Oshanov, lawyer, journalist, poet and friend

Bulgaria is proud of such persons!

Dear Friends, this year we are celebrating 25 years of the establishment and the activity of your prosperous company. This makes me remember that our close and inseparable friendship is also long time existing. I know you from the very beginning, I know how tenaciously you were going forward and how you achieved the successes. I have always admired your decency and dedication to the work. You built one of the most beautiful resorts in Bulgaria. Now, when you have reached the summits, you do not forget the past. That is why you have many devoted friends, who love and support you. Happy celebration and longevity.

Bulgaria is proud of such persons!

Asen Oshanov,  lawyer, journalist, poet and friend, 2014


quote from the jubilee book “The Two Brothers and Saint Vlas”

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