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Monument to Woodrow Wilson, installed in Saint Vlas by the

Foundation Bulgarian Memory - Dinevi Brothers

Monument to Woodrow Wilson, installed in Saint Vlas by Foundation Bulgarian Memory  – Dinevi Brothers with the discreet assistance of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria.

The 28th American President Woodrow Wilson, for his proven role as a benefactor of Bulgaria in 1919-1920, at the Paris Peace Conference.

Although Bulgaria does not begin, and the first to come out of World War I, as one of the losing parties, we break with over 10% of our territory – that we remember from the history book.

But what was missing from the history book? That if it were not for the decisive American defense in Paris, our people would have risked much more than that: losing much of its territory – divided between Serbia, Greece and Romania – enough to endanger the continued survival of our country. The historical tape – unlike today’s TV – does not go back, but the hypothesis of another, final and final disappearance of Bulgaria after the Liberation was hardly so threateningly realistic.

In Paris, the Wilson delegation – advised by James Boucher, another American justice fighter in Europe – argued that Bulgarian territory should not be fragmented and presented documents on the Bulgarian character of Thrace, Dobrudzha and the majority of Macedonia. Moreover, the American side pleads that the Bulgarian Rhodopes should retain their access to the White Sea in order to remain economically sustainable.

Woodrow Wilson is a pioneer – fighting for a fairer Europe built on the principles of dialogue and peace. He began a process that thirty years later would evolve into the Marshall Plan, which allowed Europe to rebuild and unite in today’s European Union.

Wilson gave a powerful impetus to the building of the League of Nations, the forerunner of today’s United Nations, a pillar of peoples’ self-determination. If peace and dialogue in the world today dominate the war and discord (the statistics are clear!), This personal contribution is US President Woodrow Wilson.