Cocktail on the occasion of March 3 - National Holiday of Bulgaria - Mirage Hotel - Dinevi Group

Dinevi brothers celebrated the National Day of Bulgaria with festive cocktail and fireworks show

For 26thyear in a row, the developers Dinko and Yordan Dinevi gathered in Mirage Hotel in Burgas the political elite of Burgas and Nessebar, public figures, managers of governmental and municipal bodies, friends and partners. The occasion was the 141th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria.

In the spirit of the Bulgarian traditions, the celebration on the occasion of the 3rdof March started with performance of Strandzha Ensemble with artistic director Mario Egov. The chairman of ‘Bulgarian Memory’ Foundation Stoyan Raychevski congratulated the guests on the National Day mentioning that ‘we connect this day not only with our Liberation, but also with our union’. ‘I am deeply convinced that there is no better sign than the 3rdof March, which could unite all Bulgarians, wherever they are all around the world, so let’s rejoice, he added.

With a very emotional and influencing speech Yordan Dinev declared that he wanted to pay homage to the self-sacrifice of these people, who waiving their wellbeing gave their lives for Mother Bulgaria. ‘This is a sacred day, this is a day of Resurrection and before the Resurrection there was Revival – of the spirit, the Bulgarian might. This is a date of a seal on the map of the world, which we earned with much blood and victims, a starting point, which is only a beginning. Because I believe in all of you, I believe in the future generation that this starting point is the spring, which gives us our might. We shall continue to superstructure, to give to the world, because we are strong – by spirit and by heart, by blood and by root, which is holding us strongly”, Dinev added.

After the traditional folklore songs and horo dances, the program hosted by Bogdan Tomov continued with the performances of the legendary Burgas group ‘Four’ and the performance of Georgi Dyulgerov, Bozhana Ivanova and Zheko Stoyanov.

This year again a spectacular fireworks show lit up the sky over Burgas. A fiery meteorite shot from the roof of the hotel gave the start of impressive pyro effects. The fireworks were in the shape of fiery trains and brocade fans at nearly 450 meters height and for the final the specialist from ‘Fiery Marguerite’ had prepared such effects in the colours of the national tricolor banner.