Trailers and Premiere of "Love and Monsters" Movie
Plakat Film Love Monsters

The premiere of the feature film “Love and Monsters” will be broadcast on screens in Russia on April 22.

The film was shot entirely in Sveti Vlas – on the territory of Dinevi Resort. For more than a month, the resort town has been an arena of bloodthirsty monsters that attack the calm coast and spread shock and horror among the local population.

It was a real pleasure for us to host the action comedy and to welcome the stars of Russian cinema Roman Kurtsin, Kiril Kyaro, Anna Ardova and others.

The main female role was entrusted to the Bulgarian actress Lorina Kamburova.

We are grateful to MIRAMAR FILM and DIXI for the vote of confidence!


Warm sea, hot sun, burning beauty in a police uniform and a bottle of wine – this is all that Yura Skvortsov needs to be happy, in the resort where he came to heal his emotional wounds. Of course, there is a dead season in every resort. But only here in Bulgaria, that it happens literally. First the English dog disappears, then the lion, and then very few tourists disappear …

Jura will have to defend his right to life and love in a fierce battle with unknown monsters that threaten all living things. Fortunately, invincible monsters have one weakness: alcohol is poison to them!

Enjoy the fun trailers here!