Dinevi Group Presents - Solomon Passy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2001-2005

They realized their dreams in an honest manner.

I know Dinko and Yordan Dinevi, as well as their mother Vanya, from the distant 1995, when they invited me for the opening of their first hotel “Laguna” in Saint Vlas. Already at that time Dinevi illustrated their entrepreneurial spirit. But even the most skilful fortune teller could hardly imagine the swing by which Dinko and Yordan will develop their talent of entrepreneurs. Today, the little hotel has grown into a tourist empire.  The brothers built in St. Vlas a whole recreation place with its own tourist infrastructure – marina, beaches, streets, squares, temples, amphitheater, etc. The trifling detail is that this infrastructure was not built and paid for by the state or the municipality but by themselves. Similar is their activity in Pamporovo where they built one of the best ski resorts in the country.

Sponsorship is their other activity that generates respect. For the past quarter century Dinevi built four temples, dozens of military monuments, cultural centers. They basically financed the construction of a monument to Captain Petko Voivoda in Rome, at my initiative as Foreign Minister of Bulgaria in 2004. All this shows, that in Bulgaria there are people who are able to realize there dream and in the most honorable way, at that.

Solomon Passy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2001-2005


Photo source: http://www.168chasa.bg/article/6617577