Interior Solutions

The designers and consultants of Venid Interior believe that the modern way of life requires when designing the home interior two basic standards to be observed – beautiful visual effect and maximal comfort.

Turning a dwelling into your home, is not an easy task.
Home is like a mirror of the human soul. It constantly changes together with the individual dreams, desires and worldview. The most important thing is the space to be organized in such a way that when one enters their home to feel themselves protected, calm and in harmony with themselves. But the home is not just a castle, it is a place for sharing and self-revealing before close and loved persons.

Being led by this dictum, DINEVI GROUP entrusted the care of the complete interior solution of the apartments in their complexes to the subsidiary company VENID INTERIOR.

They offer information not only of the quality and how the furniture is made, but also professional consultations and guidelines for the complete furnishing of the home.



19 th edition of the International Regatta “COR CAROLI”

On 17.08. all participants will go to another one, characteristic of the longest and most spectacular competition on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the only offshore regatta – Saint Vlas. Our proposal was once again answered by our friendly hosts from Marina Dinevi, and the Dinevi Resort will shelter in the calm waters the fleet, which is expected to number about 40 yachts

Marina Dinevi Poker Run
Poker Run

At the heart of the event that no competitive character are motor boats that will sail in a predetermined route with 5 stops,but to have more emotion lovers of fast boats will be offered a special stage where they can demonstrate the capabilities of their boats and their skippers’ skills.