The subsidiary company VENID MANAGEMENT GROUP provides the opportunity to new brands and trademarks to affirmatively introduce themselves in our market, by presenting them both to all homeowners in DINEVI RESORT and to their guests.

For this purpose, the company offers a complex advertising services in all projects thorough the territory of the resort – retail areas, advertising areas, mailing, distribution of print advertising. 

Part of the company’s business activity is aimed at providing services to advertisers: advertising agencies, manufactures, importers and owners of entertainment establishments.

By observing the leading corporate policy, VENID MANAGEMENT develops for each season a unified advertising strategy for realization of advertising participation within the territory of DINEVI RESORT.



Summer Fashion Weekend 2021 13-14.08

Exclusive fashion, luxury and sea waves at Summer Fashion Weekend 2021 13-14.08 – Fashion from the USA, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine and dozens of Bulgarian designers took the stage at Marina Dinevi during the fashion weekend.


Trailer Love Monsters
Premiere of “Love and Monsters” Movie

Лукс, български и световни модни брандове, модели, парти и много настроение от нас организаторите Code Fashion TV и Dinevi Group .