For more than 10 years VENID YACHT CHATTER has been the official representative for Bulgaria of the most famous manufacturer of motor yachts in the world Ferretti Group, called the “floating villas”.


One of the reasons for the DINEVI GROUP’S success is that they do not follow anyone. The company is a pioneer in many areas in Bulgaria, including in the yacht business. It is a priority of VENID YACHT CHATTER, part of the holding company.

Various companies work under the trademark of VENID YACHT CHATTER engaged in purchase and sale of new and used vessels /yachts, cutters/, renting them out, service, repair, transport, financing, insurance and many other services related to the branch.

The company is an exclusive dealer for Bulgaria of some of the leading manufacturers of vessels such as Custom Line, Pershing, Mochi Craft, Itama, Regal, Riva, Cranchi and Elan. It provides products to the full range of customers – from simple fishing boats, through the classic sailing boats, and to the largest and super luxury motor yachts.



19 th edition of the International Regatta “COR CAROLI”

On 17.08. all participants will go to another one, characteristic of the longest and most spectacular competition on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the only offshore regatta – Saint Vlas. Our proposal was once again answered by our friendly hosts from Marina Dinevi, and the Dinevi Resort will shelter in the calm waters the fleet, which is expected to number about 40 yachts

Marina Dinevi Poker Run
Poker Run

At the heart of the event that no competitive character are motor boats that will sail in a predetermined route with 5 stops,but to have more emotion lovers of fast boats will be offered a special stage where they can demonstrate the capabilities of their boats and their skippers’ skills.