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Saint Vlasiy Orthodox Church

Continuing the donation traditions of the Bulgarian revival leaders, Dinevi brothers invest their own funds in the construction of the “Sant Vlasiy” Church, located over the ruins of the authentic monastery “Saint Vlasiy” dating back to the XIV century.


The temple cupola is 16 meters high, and the bell tower – the impressive 22 meters. In 2010 the church was officially opened by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who personally donated the saint’s relics. These are one of the few relics of a saint in the whole Burgas region.

A piece of the Holy Cross was also donated to the temple. The relic is embedded in a golden cross.

The “Bulgarian Memory Foundation – Dinevi Brothers” has constructed a total number of 4 Orthodox Churches and has supported dozens of other churches. For its large-scale Maecenas activity for the Orthodox Church, the Ecumenical Patriarchate bestowed its highest insignia of honour – the “Saint Andrew the First-Called” order on Dinevi brothers.

Other Public and Cultural Projects


In 2008 DINEVI Brothers constructed “ARENA” Amphitheatre. The modern facility has 800 seats for the lovers of Melpomene and is located only a few meters away from the shore.


The Alley is located at the yacht port in Sveti Vlas. It every day attracts the attention of hundredths of tourists, surprised by the fact that they can honor their national hero and to present flowers.


DINEVI GROUP are the main contractors of the building of the Burgas Free University. It is one of the largest public realizations for the Burgas region.