MARINA DINEVI is one of the emblems of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and is among the most famous places for the young, curious, adventures and all who are in love with the marine life.

DInevi Marina Yacht Port St Vlas
Marina Dinevi St Vlas Night Life
Yacht Port Marina Dinve Bulgaria

By its opening in 2007, MARINA DINEVI gave a serious request to become an elite club place for yachtsmen and people for whom the luxury and style are not only a way of life, but also a philosophy.

Still on a draft project, the pier impressed with its innovative vision and moderate approach and won the prestigious prize for investments Bentley Award. And the Bible among the world-class yacht magazines Boat International, ranked Bulgaria among the countries having the best yacht ports in the world for 2008.

And this has its explanation. The yacht port corresponds to all criteria of a modern high technological facility. Its capacity is 300 boats and offers the entire range of services that may be considered necessary for the operation and maintenance of the yachts. The high level of service confirmed its image of an elite port, which even the most prestigious resorts would be proud of.

The coloring and the incredible atmosphere of this place is complemented by the series of beach establishments. Here are one of the best restaurants and establishments, the 5-star “Palace” boutique hotel, casino, chic boutiques and impressive yachts. The boulevard for walks along the yachts and the beach is a favorite place of the city guests. The pink bushes, situated along the alleys, palms, retro totems and the colorful night lighting create a sense of carelessness and romance.

The marine has become an attractive center for very demanding tourists looking for tranquility, sophistication and entertainment at their own choice. Over the years it became a preferred pier of numerous business, cultural, sport and secular events.


DINEVI RESORT unites more than 40 scenic complexes, nestling in the nature as a unified architectural ensemble. They are tied together with a modern infrastructure, landscaped and lighted shopping streets, chic boutiques, elite restaurants and bars, golden blue flag beaches, beauty salons, sports facilities, churches, Amphitheater, medical centres and countless entertainment options.


GRAND MONASTERY is the heart of the resort. The amphitheatrical 5 buildings are connected to each other by a warm escalator connection. All apartments are luxury finished and have fireplaces. Sophisticated luxury and unusual interior characterize the VIP apartments, which are the only luxury accommodation in the region of Studenets.

Dinko Dinev and Yordan Dinev

There is nothing better than doing the things you want. To live the life with all of its emotions – whether good or bad. To deal with the challenges you face in your way towards your goals and dreams.

We believe that our success is based also on the fact that while working we entertain ourselves. We enjoy every minute of what we do, because we do it with enthusiasm and from heart. And we try to pass this also to the persons around us. That’s how we create an environment that motivates and charges with positive energy.


Summer Fashion Weekend 2021 13-14.08

Exclusive fashion, luxury and sea waves at Summer Fashion Weekend 2021 13-14.08 – Fashion from the USA, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine and dozens of Bulgarian designers took the stage at Marina Dinevi during the fashion weekend.


Trailer Love Monsters
Premiere of “Love and Monsters” Movie

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