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Annual Black Sea Lifestyle Awards 2022

Annual Black Sea Lifestyle Awards 2022
Leaders in the development of the Black Sea region were honored by the eighth edition of the annual Black Sea Lifestyle Awards 2022 on the stage of the unique ARENA amphitheater in the resort of Saint Vlas.

Here are the winners:
– Person of the Year – Father Petar Tsankov – Priest and employee at the Church of St. Vlasius in St. Vlas
– Event of the Year – Summer Fashion Weekend, St. Vlas

Anchors in Dinevi Resort – photos Announcement of the sunken history of the Black Sea, how the Black Sea was formed, and the myth of the flood.

This announcement in photos is dedicated to Her Majesty the Anchor, which finds a place in the gardens of Dinevi Resort,, Saint Vlas – symbolizes the connection of coastal settlements with the sea, as well as the importance of maritime trade for the local population, which earns its living by shipping since ancient times.