The amphitheatre “ARENA” is symbolical for Sveti Vlas and is adjusted to the contemporary cultural life of the town resort. The modern facility opens season 2018 with a renovated modern vision and an attractive program, thus becoming the summer scene of Bulgaria.

амфитеатър влас

With its location, the unique acoustic environment and the new 500 comfortable seats the amphitheatre can host large-scale special events and concerts. The possibility for different scene and decoration transformations turns the amphitheatre into a great scene for theatrical performances, music bands, sports demonstrations, kids shows and thematic evenings.

For more than 10 years the arena has gathered some of the most famous authors, generating new ideas and alternative projects. It has succeeded in becoming a cultural hub, offering the community the much desired touch to culture of great quality due to the exciting combination between modern and traditional art.

Each summer season the citizens and guests of Sveti Vlas can witness various, dynamic and perfectly organised events, which can enrich them and create a good mood. The program includes a lot of art shops and exciting experiences for the whole family.

The team of the amphitheatre has the ambition for sustainable development and for turning it into a scene for leading authors and interesting performances from all over the world, because we believe that life is short, but art – eternal.



tel .: +359 897 631 592

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