Following the best donation examples from the Bulgarian revival as a means for maintaining the centres of the Bulgarian spirituality, Dinevi Brothers work on dozens of such projects thorough the whole country.


DINEVI GROUP not only builds, but also restores what was constructed by and for great Bulgarians. In 2004 the company established the Bulgarian Memory Foundation – Dinevi Brothers” which goal is: to create, restore and maintain monuments related to the heroic past of Bulgaria, and to research and popularize the Bulgarian history and the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage.

Among the largest ones are the 6-meter impressive monument of the soldiers who died in the fight against the world terrorism in Karlovo, the Monument of the Bulgarian pilots who died while defending the sky above Sofia during the Second World War, the monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda in Rome, etc.

By this activity DINEVI GROUP were placed in the top five on the register of Maecenas in Bulgaria.

As a company that appreciates unconditionally the Bulgarian valuables, DINEVI GROUP develops different projects for restoration and construction of churches. Their foundation has built 4 Orthodox temples, and has helped dozens of other churches.

Their activity was estimated by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which bestowed its highest honour – the “Saint Andrew the First-Called” order on both Maecenas.

Dinko Dinev and Yordan Dinev

There is nothing better than doing the things you want. To live the life with all of its emotions – whether good or bad. To deal with the challenges you face in your way towards your goals and dreams.

We believe that our success is based also on the fact that while working we entertain ourselves. We enjoy every minute of what we do, because we do it with enthusiasm and from heart. And we try to pass this also to the persons around us. That’s how we create an environment that motivates and charges with positive energy.


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