Super stars of Russian cinema arrive in Sveti Vlas for the filming of the Russian feature film "The big hunt."

Dinevi Resort

Bloodthirsty chimera“ATTACK” SvetiVlas

 Stars of Russian hit series “Kitchen” and “Hound” arrive in the resort town

 Super stars of Russian cinema arrive in Sveti Vlas for the filming of the Russian feature film “The big hunt.”Behind the bar stands one of the largest production companies in Russia, “DIXI” and partner from Bulgarian side is “Miramar film” (Zift, LOVE.NET, Omnipresent).

For one month Sveti Vlas will become an arena of fantastic monsters that attacked the gentle coastline and wreaked shock and horror among the local population.Тhe production do not release more information,because there is a surprising development and an even more surprising ending, but the message of the film is that the world will be saved by those we least expect.

The genre of “Big Hunt” is an action-comedy.A top criminalist from Burgas has been punished for some time in one of the most peaceful places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – St. Vlas, where, in her words, the only crime that can happen is “the wind to take your towel to the sea”. The tape was filmed mostly on the territory of “Dinevi Resort” in St. Vlas.The action in the film takes place in the resort town at the end of the summer season.

The main female role was entrusted to the Bulgarian actress Lorina Kamburova, who appeared in the hit TV series Dear Heirs on BTV.In the male characters we will see the Russian superstars Kirill Kyaro and Roman Kurtzin.

Kiaro is known to the Bulgarian public by the crime series The Hound, aired on BNT and Bulgaria ON AIR.The actor arrived in Sveti Vlas with his family and combines his professional commitments with family vacation time.Roman Kurtzin is also known to his native audience from the TV series Hotel Eleon, which is being aired on the Bulgarian air as a sequel to the most successful Russian series Kitchen.The cast star team is complemented by Anna Ardova.Among the most famous films with her participation were the hit “Vysotsky”.”Thank you, you’re alive” and “One for All”, which earned her the 2010 honorary award “TEFI”.

The producers of the film stop at Sveti Vlas after viewing the whole Black Sea coast – from Shabla to Rezovo. “Vlas has met all the requirements for locations and infrastructure, as well as the basic request in the film that the action takes place in a quiet and peaceful place,” said Matthew Konstantinov of Miramar.

“The big hunt” will be distributed in Russia by the largest distribution company “Caro Rolled” over 2000 screen and will be broadcast on terrestrial TV with multimillion audience

In the photo: Lorina Kamburova next to the statue, which comes to life and becomes a bloodthirsty chimera.