Liubomir Levchev - Strange knights of the spiritual ...

They are strange knights of the spiritual…

Inits glorious and pernicious and any kind of history, the Bulgarian  people has demonstrated its ability to resurrect. During the reign of Ekaterina II, who dreamt of uniting all Slavs under her sceptre, the science then was not certain that the Bulgarian people still existed. We have reached such darkness

In a textbook in geography, published in the Turkish Empire in 1874, we read that 6 million Bulgarians lived in European Turkey. What was that miracle? What was it due to? We have to find out if we don’t know. We have to invite ourselves to the Last Supper. And instead of washing our feet, Christ has to wash our embittered and disillusioned souls.

During the dark ages wandering knights, who passed through Bulgaria, testify to our address to land.

Well, Dinevi brothers are like those wandering knights, who had turned to spirituality, faith and land. Because only the one who turns to land can seek and find confidence and justice in it. In order to find himself.

Liubomir Levchev, Writer

quote from the jubilee book “The Two Brothers and Saint Vlas”

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