One of the hottest events of summer 2021 – JULY MORNING 2021 – VENID BEACH, MARINA DINEVI!

An unforgettable night, an exceptional show, great music and a live concert with some of the most popular musicians and DJs in Bulgaria!

The legendary SIGNAL and the band FANDANGO sang for the fans of rock music.

Rising young rock star Mert Assenov – only 13 years old, opened the concert with an exceptional performance of electric guitar.

The Bulgarian Elvis Presley – Tsvetelin Atanasov beautifully recreated the biggest rock and roll star and the best-selling solo artist in the history of pop music.

The party erupted with a captivating mix with a modern beat by the two proven masters @ PACHO & PEPO and specially selected music by STOYO.

The inimitable artist Georgi Nizamov magnificently took over the show with unique musical and artistic improvisations.

F4 artists – showed the captivating game of fire, and the audience received wonderful gifts from the partners of the event.

Expect the second edition of JULY MORNING 2022 – VENID BEACH, MARINA DINEVI, we are preparing a great program and we will have fun until the rising of the July sun in summer 2022 together!