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POKER RUN Bulgaria - 01.08.2020 - Second edition

POKER RUN Bulgaria – 01.08.2020 – Second edition

This year’s annual exclusive event POKER RUN Bulgaria, organized by the Yacht Club Sozopol, happened on August 1st!

A special guest was Mr. Umberto Capelli, owner of one of the largest manufacturers of boats and yachts in Europe – the company Саpеlli.

THE START of POKER RUN Bulgaria 2020 was given in Spices Club, Yacht Club Sozopol. There, the Captains withdrew their first lucky card and set sail for Marina Dinevi Yacht Port, the second location on the route. The Poker Run Speed Section award ceremony was traditionally held at Marina Dinevi Yacht Port

For the second consecutive year, this unique event for Bulgaria, attended by over 120 people.

5 locations

5 events

5 cards

1 winner

1 unforgettable weekend

What is POKER RUN?

POKER RUN is an event for owners of motor boats and yachts, which has no racing character and is organized with the idea of participants to enjoy and have fun together in beautiful places on our native Black Sea coast. The route consists of 5 locations, at each of which, the participants draw a random card from a pre-prepared deck of cards. In the final, each crew collected one hand of 5 cards. According to the rules of the game Texas Holdem Poker, wins the player with the strongest hand. Of course, attractive and pleasant surprises were prepared for all participants at each location

A truly memorable and fun experience! To have even more emotion, for fans of fast boats, we give the option of a speed section, in which they have the chance to show the capabilities of their boats and their captain skills. Dare to try!