"Poker Run"


11:30 - first stop of the competition - Arrival of Marina Dinevi, Saint Vlas

Marina Dinevi Poker Run

“Poker Run”


11:30 – first stop of the competition – Arrival of Marina Dinevi, Saint Vlas

Planet Club – Awarding the first arrived from the speed section Yacht Club Sozopol – Marina Dinevi , Saint Vlas

13:00 – second start of the competition – Marina Dinevi , Saint Vlas

“Poker Run” is the first of its kind special events organized in Bulgaria. The ambitious idea of the organizers is with this first event to launch the traditional, annual events in this format. The event is exciting, elegant and fun way to be represented exclusive brands of certain consumer niche, namely the owners of motor yachts and their circle of friends.

People accustomed to the luxury, emotion and style of first-class lifestyle loving adrenaline and challenges, travelers, time leaders and innovation, constantly searching for and selecting quality, consuming first-rate goods and services evaluating personal attitude. The event is non-competitive, it is planned to be a fun, emotional and truly memorable experience.


At the heart of the event that no competitive character are motor boats that will sail in a predetermined route with 5 stops. At each point a certain stop will organize a different kind of event, the participants will draw one card from a prepared deck of cards, so that the final to have a hand of 5 cards. Under the rules of the poker game, the player with the strongest hand wins. The organizers strive to make the symbiosis between a real memorable experience pleasure and excitement, but to have more emotion lovers of fast boats will be offered a special stage where they can demonstrate the capabilities of their boats and their skippers’ skills.


Date: August 10, 2019 Boat stop locations

Start: Yacht Club Sozopol

First Stop: Marina Dinevi, Planet Club

Second stop: Nessebar

Third stop: Beach bar “Dzhanka del Mar”

Final: Yacht Club Sozopol – Restaurant Spices