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Tenth annual awards for television journalism "Saint Vlas" - 05.09.2020

Tenth annual awards for television journalism “Saint Vlas” – 05.09.2020

The tenth annual awards for television journalism were presented at an official ceremony on Saturday in the resort of Sveti Vlas – Marina Dinevi. According to the rules, authors and teams of individual programs for professionalism and courage were awarded. Awards were given to Nikolay Doinov, Toshko Yordanov, Lili Marinkova, Veselin Dremdzhiev, Maria Tsantsarova, the team of the genealogy and family memory show “Jeans” and the Military TV Channel.

The annual awards for television journalism “Saint Vlas” support innovation, distinguish and promote the author’s approach, understanding of journalism as a sphere of individual presence, creativity and professionalism.

Before the award ceremony, a short film honored the memory of journalist Milen Tsvetkov and Pavel Vasev, one of the initiators of the Sveti Vlas TV Journalism Awards. In 2019, months after Tsvetkov was removed from television, he received his only Sveti Vlas award as a journalist.

This year is especially because of several events that gave a professional impetus to journalism, said media expert Prof. Georgi Lozanov. He pointed out that due to the protests and the KOVID-19 pandemic, the media were subjected to a serious test.

The ceremony of awarding the prestigious awards took place at the marina Marina Dinevi in the resort Dinevi Resort. Earlier in the resort there was a discussion on “The development of media and television and the active influence on them in the last year.” Media experts, reporters and journalists took part in the discussion.