Performance "My wife is called Boris" - Amphitheater "Arena", Dinevi Resort

Crazy, expressive, comical, full of twists and surprises overflow of male to female characters, action and absurdities, and to top it all – full of irony. With this one can determine the most wanted production in Bulgaria “My wife is called Boris”.

What more pleasant experience than to combine summer vacation and theater!
Immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening with a guaranteed 2-hour laugh in the craziest production for the whole of Bulgaria on July 29th at 21.00 am at Amphitheater Arena Dinevi Resort!

The Arena of Amphitheater
Reception of Diamond Complex
Contact phone: +359 878 533854
Ticket prices are in 3 categories:
20 leva, 25 leva, 30 leva

Amphiteatre Arena